Reaching out into our communities is vital to our organization, developing relationships with community leaders, media, school faculty and local civic groups can greatly assist each post in achieving the VFW mission.  Each post is expected to engage in and report Community Service projects. All projects will be reported using the Department Activity Report form, using the guidelines set forth by the Activities Evaluation Director. The Program reporting period is  May 1, 2019 through April 30, 2020

Post Division Awards 
Three (3) awards will be given in each division for the most credited reports using the April 30, 2020 Department Activities Reports.  These Post Divisions based on membership are as follows:
                                         I                               10-65
                                         II                              66-125
                                         III                            126-225
                                         IV                            226 & OVER   
 Post Special Project Award
If your Post, County Council, or District conducted a special project that you think should be nationally recognized by VFW National Headquarters, we would like to hear from you.
To be considered your entry must include the following:
     1)  Entry Form (click on link below), signed by the Department Community Service
          Director and the Department Adjutant.  This form must be the first page in your 3-ring
          binder.  It is imperative that this form be completed accurately and legibly.         
     2)  Copy of the minutes of the VFW meeting at which the project was authorized.
     3)  Signed statement from the Commander summarizing the impact of the project.
     4)  Photos (limit of twenty) of the activity.  
     5)  Newspaper clippings featuring the project.  
     6)  Letters of congratulations/recognition from civic land local leaders.
     7)  Copy of the budget/expense sheet
     8)  Narrative telling how the project was planned and executed and its impact on the 
Judging is conducted solely on the basis of the information indicated above.  Points are awarded for each element and points will be deducted for missing items.  All documentation must be limited to one 3-ring binder.  It is highly recommended that all documents, photos, newspaper articles etc be placed in document protectors.   The Department will recognize all Posts and Districts that engage in unique, extraordinary community service projects that go above and beyond what is expected.  These projects will then be submitted for consideration to the national VFW Special Projects Award Program.    Projects must be executed and nominated within the 12 months preceding national judging.  Entries must be postmarked to National VFW Headquarters by APRIL 30, 2020.   All Post Special Project Binders will be returned when judging has been completed.    Post Special Project Award Entry Form
Each Post that submits a qualified entry will receive five (5) points toward All State Honors.  All entries receive a Community Service Citation.  Noteworthy entries receive a Merit Award Plaque.  Exceptional entries receive an Award of Excellence.  All recipients of the Award of Excellence are automatically entered in the Fred C. Hall Memorial Outstanding Post Special Project Award Competition.  
Fred C. Hall Memorial Outstanding Post Special Project Award
Every Post Special Project receiving the Award of Excellence in the May judging will be entered in the Fred C. Hall Memorial Outstanding Post Special Project Award competition. 
The winning Post receives a plaque at the VFW National Convention and a $1,000 service scholarship for community projects.  The Post Commander (or designated representative) and a guest will receive round-trip air fare, a cash stipend and accommodations to receive the award at the National Convention. 
New Member Community Service Volunteer of the Year Award
The Department will recognize a "New Member Community Service Volunteer of the Year".  A new member for the purpose of this award is any VFW member in good standing who has been a member of the VFW for less than two (2) years.  (A VFW member who has been a member of your Post for less than two (2) years, but has been a member of the VFW for two (2) years or more, is not eligible for this award).  Each Post is asked to nominate at least one (1) new VFW member for this award, using the entry form found at the link below.  Post nominations will be submitted using the guidelines established by the Department of Michigan Community Services Director, described below.  Deadline for submission to the Department Community Service Director is April 1, 2020.  District Commanders will establish the deadlines for Post Commanders to submit their nominations to them.
Every Post will receive five (5) All State points for submission of their first nomination for this award and one (1) All State point for each additional nomination submitted.  To ensure that All State points are received, Post Commanders are encouraged to forward info copies of all nomination forms submitted, directly to the Department Community Service Director, Joseph L. Tebor.   These may be sent by email to, or mailed to 9941 Garvett Street, Livonia, MI 48150-3297.  
Each District will select a District winner from among the Post submissions.  District Commanders will establish the procedures for selecting the District winner; for example, the District Commander may select the winner, let a committee select the winner or have a committee pick the top three (3) or (4) candidates from which the District Commander will select a winner.  The Post that submitted the winning entry in each District will receive an additional five (5) All State points.  
District Commander will sign and date the nomination forms, check the yes or no box to indicate whether or not the entry was the winning entry from their District and forward all nomination forms, and the required narratives, to the State Community Service Director.  One (1) entry, from among the twelve (12) District winners, will then be selected as the Department of Michigan New Member Community Service Volunteer of the Year.  The Post that submitted the winning entry at Department level will receive an additional five (5) All State points.  The Department winner will be appropriately and publicly recognized at the State Convention in June.
New Member Community Service Volunteer of the Year Award Nomination Form
National Outstanding Community Service Post Award
The Department of Michigan is required to select two Posts to receive the National Outstanding Community Service Post Award at the VFW National Convention.  The award includes a plaque inscribed with the name of the VFW Post and its Auxiliary (if applicable), a $599 stipend to cover part of the Post Representative's expenses to National Convention, publication of the Post's name in the Convention program booklet and a street sign identifying this national award for the Post to put up in their community.
The selection criteria for this award is as follows:
      1)  Must be 100% reported in Community Activities
      2)  Must be 100% reported in Hospital
      3)  Must be 100% reported Youth Activities
      4)  Must be 100% reported Drug and Safety
      5)  Must actively support and participate in Voice Of Democracy/Patriot Pen/Teacher of the
           Year Programs       
      6)  Must participate in the Buddy Poppy program
      7)  Demonstrate an active involvement in the community
      8)  Must support the Commander's Special Project with donations
      9)  Other criteria as may be required by the Department Commander

Department Outstanding Community Service Post Awards

The Department will recognize three (3) additional Posts meeting the above criteria as "Outstanding Community Service" Posts.
The Department Community Service Committee is dedicated to provide you with the support and encouragement your Post/District needs for a successful year.
Please send ALL reports to Department Headquarters at 924  N. Washington, Lansing, MI
Joseph L. Tebor
9941 Garvett Street
Livonia, MI 48150-3297
Email: or
                                       Special Community Service Projects 
Commander's Special Project
This years Commander's Special Project is National Cemeteries (Fort Custer and Great Lakes.  One (1) point for each $25 or $1 per member donation to the Commander's Special Project.  Donations must go through Department of Michigan VFW earmarked Commander's Special Project, National Cemetery Fort Custer or National Cemetery Great Lakes, to receive points toward All-State Honors.
Gold Star Mothers Program
Gold Star Mothers is composed of American mothers who lost a son or daughter during World War II. the Korean War, the Vietnam War, Beirut, Grenada, Panama, the Persian Gulf, Somalia, Bosnia, Saudi  Arabia, Iraq, Afghanistan, all Strategic Areas, or while in service to our country.  Gold Star Mothers serve an important roll in our VA healthcare system.
The Commander suggests supporting Gold Star Mothers though financial contributions which  can be made from the Post Relief Fund.  Donations must be made through the Department of Michigan VFW earmarked Gold Star Mothers to receive points toward All-State Honors.  One (1) point for each $25 or $1 per member donated to the Gold Star Mothers.
Blue Star Mothers are composed of mothers that have a son or daughter serving in the Military today.  The Commander suggests that we start working more with this organization by offering our Posts as meetings places for these mothers and helping them to send items to their loved ones.  
Points will be awarded for All-State for working with Blue Star Mothers.  One (1) point for each $25 or $1 per member donated to the Blue Star Mothers.  Donations must go through Department of Michigan VFW earmarked Blue Star Mothers to receive points
toward All-State Honors.