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Mail or Drop Off your Ballot!

 County Clerks MUST receive your ballot

by 8 p.m. on June 2, 2020


Monday March 30, 2020

Boise, Idaho – Governor Brad Little and Secretary of State Lawerence Denney announced today there will be no change in Idaho’s primary election date of May 19.

The election will be conducted by mail pursuant to the existing laws for absentee voting due to concerns about the spread of coronavirus.




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April 9, 2020





We Are Stronger Together!!!


Due to concerns regarding the Corona Virus, the 2020 Primary Election will be an all-absentee election. You can request an absentee ballot online at https://idahovotes.gov/vote-early-idaho/.

According to the Governor's proclamation, Idahoans will have the opportunity to request an absentee ballot until 8 pm on May 19, 2020.  Your County Clerk MUST receive your ballot by 8 pm on June 2, 2020.

As I write this, we are only days from the primary election.  Numbers matter in an election and we have the numbers to make a difference.  As you may be aware, there are approximately 130,000 veterans residing in Idaho. In addition, it has been estimated that 94 % of veterans vote.  Combine this with wives, family members and friends, and it results in a significant number of votes. 

We are stronger together and our influence counts. However we must speak with one voice and our voices must be heard. While our various veterans’ service organizations cannot officially endorse a political candidate, as individuals, we are urged to support those running for public office who support us and our legislative efforts.


We as veterans know what words like citizenship and patriotism mean and the obligations that come with them. We also understand that these obligations do not end when our service is complete.  Consequently, there is no group of citizens that has a more vested interest and right to vote than our nation’s veterans. Therefore, we must continue to play a role as patriotic citizens and get involved in the elections.


Veterans and our military quality of life must be a priority of our elected officials. The only way to ensure this is to vote for those candidates who believe in and support our issues. Therefore, it is important for us as citizens, veterans and voters to study the issues and be aware of the positions of those campaigning for public office, so we may cast an informed vote at election time.


Remember:  "All Politics Are Local.”  We need to elect pro-veteran candidates who will support us in office.  Then, we need to let our elected officials hear our demands "loud and clear” to preserve benefits and support our veterans, active-duty military and their families. If our elected officials don’t hear from us, they will assume that we are satisfied with the way they vote and the outcome of the issues that affect our daily lives, and we will live with the consequences.  We are the land of the free because we are the home of the brave!!! 


Most importantly, don’t forget to vote, and encourage everyone to do the same.  In the meantime, stay safe and healthy. 



Bob Jones

Legislative Chairman

Department of Idaho

Veterans of Foreign Wars   





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Right the Wrong – Take Care of Veterans!


Our National VFW organization is working hard to protect those benefits and entitlements that we have earned through our military service to our nation. To make this program successful, we need as many of you as possible to participate and get involved as a "Veterans Advocate."  The purpose of this program is to inform our members of the issues so we can take action by contacting (writing letters, sending emails, making phone calls, attending town hall meetings, etc.) our legislators on issues affecting veterans, active duty service members and our families. Our elected officials need to hear from us. If they don't, they will assume that it isn't important to us, make the decisions for us, and we will have to live with the consequences.

  • To become a "Veterans Advocate," join the VFW Action Corps by clicking on http://capwiz.com/vfw/mlm/signup.htm.  By doing so, you will receive the Washington Weekly E-Newsletter and all VFW Action Alerts.
  • To report on Veterans activities in your area, such as legislative events, town halls, veteran’s advisory committees, rallies, etc., send an email briefly describing the event or activity to Bob Jones, the Department of Idaho's Legislative Committee Member, at arcticcirclerexb@aol.com.
  • To seek answers to questions you may have on legislative issues, or obtain more information, write to Comrade Jones at the above email address, or phone him at Tel. 208-356-0255.
Thanks for all you have done and all you continue to do for Veterans and their families.


Idaho Governor Brad Little, Carmelita Jones, Bob Jones and Former Idaho Governor Butch Otter


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