Due to the time in preparing the Awards for the 2018 State Convention, judging will be based on the May 1, 2018 through April 30, 2019 Department Activity report.

Awards will be based on the following point system:

1. Two (2) Points for each month a youth project is credited on the Department Activity Report

2. Ten (10) Points for sponsoring or co-sponsoring a Voice of Democracy entry. 

3 .Ten (10) Points for sponsoring or co-sponsoring a Patriot's Pen entry. 

4 .Ten (10) Points for sponsoring or co-sponsoring each Scout of the year entry. 

5. Ten (10) Points for volunteering time or money to the National Home for Children. 

6.  Five (5) Points for each child sponsored to Camp Trotter for children. 

7. Ten (10) Points for volunteering time or money to Camp Trotter. 

8. Three (3) Points for recognizing a Youth Hero. (must contact Director) 

Plaques will be presented to the top Post in each division and a citation to the Posts that finished second and third in their division. The divisions are based on June 30, 2016 membership as follows:

Division I       10-65

Division II      66-125

Division III     126-225

Division IV     226-over

A plaque will be presented to the District with the highest average per Post point total.

All projects must be reported on the proper Department Report Form and sent to the Department. DO NOT SEND TO THE DIRECTOR.

Department of Michigan VFW

 924 North Washington

 Lansing, MI 48906

Be sure you read your programs and due dates for each program.

When reporting your Youth Activities remembers to do the following:

*** Report all activities on the 10th of each month.

*** Keep a copy of all your reports.

*** Check your monthly Department Activities Report.

A sampling of possible activities within each category is listed below.

Category 1:   Sports/Athletics - Track, basketball, softball, baseball, bowling, soccer, swimming, Special Olympics, hockey or any sport or athletic sponsorship.

Category 2:   Scouting/Organization - Boy Scouts, Explorers, Ventures, Eagles, Girl Scouts, Brownies, Daisy, Cub Scouts, Boys and Girl Clubs of America, Naval Sea Cadets, Sons of the VFW, Future Farmers of America, 4-H clubs and any other youth organization sponsorship.

Category 3:   Contests/Special Events - Parades, talent shows, picnics, dances, fishing derbies, walk-a-thon, rifle/pistol competitions, and bike-a-thons.

Category 4:   Educational /Instruction - Ceramics, stamp collecting, model building, leather craft, missing children (child ID).

Category 5:   Recognition/ROTC/JROTC - Achievement award, (medal and citation), Eagle Scout Award Certificate, Honor Certificates for students or other Trophy/Plaque Presentation. Honor Certificates for young people doing heroic deeds such as saving a life.

Category 6:   Projects/Others - Build or repair, baseball diamonds, soccer fields, playgrounds, donate equipment, and National Home, Camp Trotter contributions. Use your imagination in this category.

Support the youth in your community and report your activities as soon as a project is completed or a contribution is made. Our goal is to have all Posts reported by the Fall Conference. Report your activities in a timely manner. 
(Remember by the 10th of each month).


Larry Thayer

Youth Activities Director

4858 Apache Path

Owosso, Michigan 48867

Cellular: (989) 413-1096